each piece created takes hours and sometimes days to complete. A lot of time goes into the entire process, including the finishing. dry sanding and wet sanding are applied to every food related piece to ensure the grain stays silky smooth. Finally, each piece is finished with Food grade, pure MINERAL oil and usda organic beeswax. *Keep in mind MAINTENANCE with oil is required to keep this finish and is not always guaranteed. 

Are the items pictured what I ordered?

Yes, working with an organic material such as wood combined with the nature of crafting by hand will produce many variations of a similar style product. The item pictured for sale is the only one of it's kind and the one you'll receive. 

What maintenance is required?

If necessary, any item purchased will come with the info needed for care and maintenance. Any other questions can be emailed anytime via the contact page. 

Do you sell at local markets?

When time permits, this information can be best found following me on Instagram @ashgrovestudio. If the opportunity arrises and you live in the Austin, Texas area it would be rad to meet you!

Can I find your products in stores?

Currently, my work is only available for sale here on my website. Ash Grove can be found at the occasional Pop Up or Craft Fair. These details are usually shared in advance for subscribers to my website or on Instagram, @ashgrovestudio.

May I share your work?

Absolutely, I'd love that! Just provide proper credit and link my website.