Ashley Chinni

Maker. Woodworker.



Ashley chinni is the founder of ash grove studio. She is the sole owner + woodworker behind her small business. Often, thankful for the occasional help and endless support of her husband, ross. AGS began early 2016 and is now her full time passion. currently, she is operating out of her small garage studio located in Austin, texas near soco. Ashley's interest in woodworking was seeded at an early age from her grandfather; a hobbyist fine woodworker himself. Ultimately, life lead her to a small business in woodworking and she simply wouldn't have it any other way. 





it took a lot of trial, error and sometimes utter failure to obtain the skills behind woodworking that ashley possesses. she considers herself a rather passionate person, which means that any endeavors she decides to pursue, she does so with 110% intention. The art of woodworking requires a great deal of time, patience and practice. A big believer in doing good work means taking pride in each and every piece she creates. woodworking is a lifelong journey and ashley looks forward to the adventure. The learning process always continues.