Wholesale Order Guide

Step 1

Select item in preferred design style

Step 2

select quantity (pricing is tiered showing minimum order quantities and correlated pricing)

Step 3

select wood type. options available are walnut, maple, cherry and ambrosia. Pricing is automatically adjusted for each. 

*Make sure you "ADD TO Cart" before adding additional items*

step 4

select any additional "accessories" for purchase, like care cards or branded tags.

Step 5

At checkout, please thoroughly check your order. double check that the items you selected are correct. 

step 6

select wholesale only in shipping options to void shipping cost during checkout. local delivery and shipping charges sent in separate invoice. 

*See information page for local delivery details

That's it! Now, I get to work making all the pretty things!

Please allow for up to a two week processing time. **This is subject to change depending on your order and you will be updated if necessary.**

Remember, your order won't be the only thing I'm working on and this gives me a fair time frame to work with.